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Does anyone knows how to force company to return money? Waiting 2 months already

I ordered bbox home internet, payed 48 euro. Bouygues send me equipment by Relias Colin. Relias Colin lost equipment. So I cancelled my order. Bouygues support told me that my money would be returned in few days, after that period I contacted support again, they told to wait another 2 weeks. After a month I contacted them again. Same answer: "Money return is automatic, you need to wait, nothing we can do". Maybe someone has success story to sue the bouygues, or other mechanisms to retrieve money back? Some one need to told them that their automatic money return is not working.



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Bonjour Maksyn,

I apologize for the delay in receiving your refund and you were right to contact us on the Forum.

By taking your file, I see that you were able to exchange with one of my teammates via our Chat.

She has escalated and you will be kept informed of the progress of your file.

I invite you to be patient and thank you for your understanding.

Good day.

Cédric, Expert Bouygues Telecom

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