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How I can get my 10 euros back and cancel any relationship with Bouygues?

Hi, I bought a SIM card and lift pass on the 23rd of August but I never received it. After the first delay, I went to a store in Villebon on September 1st to get it there, but they said that the store can't do anything, that it only sells with engagement and that I would have to call your service. But as my Italian line is no longer working I can't make any calls. So I ordered again on the 1st of September and the deadline for arrival was the 6th. Everyday I've been trying to get in touch with Bouygues via chat, but it's always unavailable. Today the 7th I gave up. I can't go so many weeks without a phone. I think it would be faster for me to go to a free store or order through the internet from Orange. So I would like to know how I can get my 10 euros back (since I paid for the chip that never arrived) and cancel any relationship with Bouygues. I could even accept a solution from you, if it is resolved today and does not require any displacement (Villebon store is far from here and I went there because on the website it says that problems can be resolved in the store, which seems to be false).



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