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Why is Bouygues Telecom not able to track the letters they send?

As it has been the case with many people on the forum, my SIM card has not yet arrived after 3 weeks. Of course, I was offered the option to pick a new card from the store and pay a fee which will be deducted from my invoice. I am a new client, and please allow me to wonder how it is possible that a company like Bouygues sends letters with SIM cards, which they activate according to their convenience, but they cannot make sure that the product they sell reaches the customer. Alternatively, why is the option to get the card yourself not offered from the beginning? It seems way more efficient than the current practice, especially since everyone advertises COVID measures and precautions. I hope the services I will receive in the near future are of higher standards than my experience so far (I encountered some angry employee at the boutique who simply stated it is not his job to explain what happens to the letter and the SIM card). Have a nice day!



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