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FTTH broken for 2 weeks and No progress!

My FTTH was broken since 13/05, and it worked good before that time.
I went to the BYT store where I subscribed my BBox, and made an appointment on 20/05 to get intervention.
One technician came and checked my BBox, and there was a fiber issue. He fixed the fiber but also found that there is also some issue in upper level, as he couldn't receive any signal with the tool. He is a nice man and told me that he would report the issue.

I received a SMS on 27/05, told me that I can make another appointment for intervention. So I login to BYT and made appointment at 14:00~16:00 28/05.
I received the call at 14:27 28/05 with hidden number, and the guy told me that he will be here in 10 minutes, and he can't speak English while I can't speak French.

BUT, unfortunately, I don't receive any call since that, and no one contact me to tell me he is not coming.
I don't know what to do.
The ticket No. is SAV-FTTH0001414237.

Since I have used BBox for almost 1 year, I was quite satisfied with the quality. But when there is a issue, I can understand the feeling from other clients on this forum. Maybe it is time for me to change another?

For this case, I would like to ask BYT that:
1. please send someone ASAP to fix the issue;
2. give me a temporary solution before the issue sloved (4G key?);
3. refund me the relevant fee paid during the time period.

Thank you in advance and hope the light on BBox turns green soon.



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