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I need to close the line and speak to executive for bill. In the past 4 months I have been charged more than 450 euro?

I have been charged more than 450 euros in the past 4 months. I got a huge bull of 350 euros something in October. I tried all my best to reach to customer executives. But No one got back to me. Thus, ZBouygues started putting late fee fine on me. I wanted to understand my bill. No one helped. Thus, I had no other option but to pay the amount.

I am a student. No student can make consumption of 500 euros. N now I am in India. This sim is just to get the sms from the bank. Otherwise I dont use it. But Again, Bouygues has charged me 40 euros for 3 months. Some fine too. How can yiou expect any person to pay 500 euros in total as a phone bill that too when no one uses that line?????



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